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Get practical knowledge about fire dampers – attend the free SMAY webinar!
During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions
to the instructors and receive free technical advice. 
Duration: 40 minutes  
Time: 10:00
Wednesday, June 9th, 2021
Certificate on request for those who are interested.
What topics will be covered during the webinar?
  1. Basic types of fire dampers.  
  2. Classification of dampers in terms of fire resistance, documents and standards that should be remembered.  
  3. Methods of installing SMAY dampers - in a building partition, on a duct.  
  4. Presentation of the first in Poland certified battery for smoke exhaust ventilation – KWP.  
  5. The use of dampers in single- and multicompartment systems.
  6. Minimum distances resulting from the standard 1366-2.
  7. Air leakage parameter of fire dampers.
  8. How to avoid mistakes in the design practical tips.
Radosław Sikorski
Technical Support Manager in the Export Department at SMAY
He is responsible for providing assistance to designers, tradesmen and contractors at all stages of the investment process.

He has 5 years of experience in working with ventilation systems gained in the design office and on construction sites.

Graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, where he studied Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering, specializing in Industrial Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he studied Smoke Extraction Systems: Fire Ventilation.

Training Provider:
"Fire Saferty In Buildings. Smoke Management Guidelines"
  • Internet access, min. 1 mbs
  • Computer with a web browser:
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari in the latest version
  • The meeting will not be displayed in Internet Explorer and Egde.
  • Smartphone with:
Android - GetResponse Webinars application download (Google Play).
iOS - GetResponse Webinars app download (App Store).
Chrome browser (both for Android and iOS) 

What do I need to attend a webinar?
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